Safety - Covid 19

Image About Songbird Preschool in Chicago

The health and safety of our school community is our main priority and we have taken the need to limit the spread of Covid-19 very seriously.  We consulted with a number of health experts and believe we have implemented some of the most sophisticated protocols possible. Here are the steps we are taking at our schools:

  • Bi-weekly COVID-19 testing for all team members
  • Temperature-checks and symptom-checks mandatory for entry into the school
  • Pre-arranged drop-off and pick-up schedule to maintain social distancing of six feet
  • Mandatory masks and/or face-shields for all adults and children over two years old, when feasible
  • New HEPA air filtration systems in both schools capable of 5 air exchanges per hour
  • Daily professional cleaning and sanitation.
  • Installation of touch-free hand soap and hand sanitizer dispensers
  • Enhanced hand-washing protocol for all team members and students
  • Comprehensive PPE for all staff members including masks, shields, gloves and smocks (changed daily)
  • Strict adherence to no symptom policies. All team members or students with symptoms and/or a fever of 100.4 and higher are not allowed to enter the school and will need to present either a negative COVID-19 test or a note from a medical provider documenting no clinical suspicion of COVID-19 infection in order to return to school 
  • Strict isolation of all staff and children to individual classroom pods
  • Expanded sick days and implementation of company sponsored health benefits to ensure teachers are comfortable staying home and can seek medical care should they have any symptoms
  • Expanded overall staffing levels to eliminate need for outside substitutes to cover teacher absences
  • Reduced access to facility to teachers, children and those required for daily operations
  • Mandatory quarantine for all children who have a family member who is required to quarantine for any reason including hot-spot travel and possible exposure